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Coloring or painting is good for your soul!

Coloring or painting is good for your soul!
I'm noticing in art stores, grocery stores, and pharmacies adult coloring books, galore! It was even on the local news that its the latest craze for adults to do to wind down from a stressful day.  When I taught high school art, one of the first assignments I taught was called Converging Line Design, with an ultra thin sharpie. Just place random dots on a paper and make curvy or straight lines to the dots in any direction without crossing over another line. My students would get so involved that they would take the assignment home and return to school the next day with elaborate and create multiple designs, just because they got lost in it and liked it so much. Its addictive! So is painting, with or without sipping wine! Painting has a way of making you escape the thoughts that weigh you down and can lift your spirits by creating something colorful. You can play with paint. Explore color mixing, make textures heavy or smooth it out and see how far you can make it spread with a palette knife. Its just plain fun! And it can be done alone or with a friend , or two. Its gratifying and makes you feel accomplished. Whether you want to color in a coloring book or paint on a canvas, it makes you feel good! Art is good for the heart and soul.

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  • Michele Manjarrez