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Change is GOOD!

Change is GOOD!

It's the new year and with it came a lot of change. I moved and I have a new job in the paint-n-sip and art as entertainment industry.  Being an artist, change can fuel my creative juices and inspire me to produce new art. When I paint, it can be for personal reasons or for professional purposes. The stress of life's changes can help or hinder this process. Moving and changing jobs is up there on the stress-o-meter, but I choose to let it be more positive than anything. Past experiences that were negative or difficult, from where I lived or where I worked, no longer effect me like they used to. This new venture is happy, bright and more positive than I imagined.  Painting is a great outlet for what life throws your way no matter if you do it for a hobby or for a living. It can help you to let "gogh" of those unnecessary stresses and leave the past, in the past. Yes, I used that tired and over used 2015 catch phrase "let it gogh" one more time but creatively I must add, LOL!

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  • Michele Manjarrez