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Top Ten Wine and Snack Pairings with Painting - Part I

Top Ten Wine and Snack Pairings with Painting - Part I

Painting is becoming a social entertaining activity that you can enjoy in good company. You choose what you want to paint and with whom at Let's Gogh Art Central Florida. Its all up to you!  Take it a step further and decide what would be nice to eat and drink, while you paint with your friends and family.  

Peanut butter-n-jelly, mac-n-cheese, and eggs-n-bacon are examples of great and very popular food pairings.  There are foods and drinks that commonly go well together.  The same goes for activities, such as hot dogs and beer at the ballpark.  Now what would work for painting? Here are the Top Ten Wine and Snack Pairings:

10.  Burgundy-n-cheese, with crackers and summer sausage.  Those yummy cheese packages that have crackers and summer sausage goes nicely with painting. Stack a cracker and pop it in your mouth. From an artist point of view this pairing as paint colors, burgundy and deep yellow, go very well together too!

9. Pinot Noir-n-sushi rolls...Yes, a red wine with fish. Sushi being a raw fish is like a raw red meat when it is dipped in soy sauce with wasabi or pickled ginger.  Just be warned not to accidentally grab your sushi with your paint brushes as chop sticks.

8. Zinfandel-n-nachos, or any kind of cheesy dip, like fondue too. Zinfandel is fruity and goes perfectly with anything cheesy.  Even a big cheesy smile when you pose with your finished masterpiece.

7. Cabernet-Sauvignon-n-little know the kind of little smokies that are drenched in BBQ sauce, or little smokies in biscuits!  Also try Swedish meatballs, or offer both as they are crock pot easy!

6. Champagne-n-chips, nuts, or popcorn. Champagne is a sparkling wine and it goes just as well with painting. If you are painting around brunch time add some juice and make it a Mimosa! Champagne goes perfectly with salty foods like chips of any kind. That explains why it goes so well with caviar! 

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  • Michele Manjarrez