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Top Ten Wine and Snack Pairings with Painting - Part II

Top Ten Wine and Snack Pairings with Painting -  Part II

Let's continue with the tasty Top Ten Wine and Snack Pairings that make the painting experience even more satisfying.

5. Chardonnay-n-smoked salmon, on crackers, rice cakes or mini bagels. Salmon mixed into a cream cheese dip works as well. Tuna can be part of this pairing too.

4.  Pinot Grigio-n-nuggets, yes, chicken nuggets!  In a rush? drive through Chick-fil-a, McDonalds, or KFC and grab a bucket or platter of nuggets with a variety of dips! Its that easy. Pinot Grigio is a well-balanced dry and goes so well with spicy flavors!

3. Riesling-n-jalapeno poppers, or any hot-n-spicy snack.  Riesling is fruity light and very tasty and goes the best with spicy foods of any kind, whether it be Thai or Mexican. Its the cool to tame the hot while you paint away!

2. Merlot-n-milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate of any kind. Chocolate covered nuts, fruit, pretzels, etc... Merlot is earthy full bodied and goes well with red meats, spicy food and, my favorite food group, rich chocolaty desserts! Oooo-la-la, this is a great combo!

1. Moscato-n-cupcakes takes the prize as the number wine and snack pairing! Moscato is a delightfully light bodied dessert wine that is refreshing with its peach, honey and citrus flavors. It compliments cupcakes, cakes, pastries, cookies or any type of yummy bake goods you desire. 

There you have it! Now you have a wonderful variety of menu choices for your own paint party with Let's Gogh Art Central Florida. Plan your party now  Keep in mind that wine and painting are good for the heart. 




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  • Michele Manjarrez