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3 Health Benefits of Painting

3 Health Benefits of Painting

Going into the New Year, we’ll explain the health and mental benefits of painting. While improving creativity and even ridding disease, painting should definitely be at the top of your list for 2017 activities. We’re going to mention a few points, yet this article will most likely be followed up by a ‘part two’. So stay tuned because there are many more benefits to be added to the list, but for now, here are a few.

  1. Improved Creativity

Art is simply a reflection of the artist, thus collectively, art reflects our own society and shows it by displaying many subjective perspectives on various subjects.

How does this improve creativity? Glad you asked! By painting an object you’re literally putting your thoughts of it onto the canvas, allowing you to analyze your own view objectively therefore being open to other perspectives.

This is one reason why painting is highly suggested in the early developmental stages of young children and even toddlers. Being able to communicate effectively is also one indirect, yet substantial benefit of painting at a young age, especially when done as a group activity.

  1. Improved Memory

While painting improves creativity, it also allows for some serious storage of memory. In fact, a health benefit of painting is one felt by Alzheimer’s patients. It can reduce the effects of the disease and boost capability of memory. By taking someone thru a painting step-by-step, they can easily trace their steps by giving the memory something relevant and interesting to hold onto, making it easy to remember simple things in real life.

  1. Improved Problem Solving Skills

There’s no question that there is more than one way or style to paint, giving it the great benefit of approaching a problem from different angles.

Allowing somebody to think creatively in a stress free environment with space for error also allows them to think outside of the box. This can translate to real life by being able to take control of a situation with creative problem solving.benefits of group painting

  1. Stress Relief

A lot of everyday life can be very heavy and artificial, so when you finally get the chance to sit back and create something beautiful with no outside pressure, it can be like entering another world. One of which that you created.

  1. You’ll become more observant of details.

Painting usually requires use of darkness, light, and shading. When you focus on these things in a painting for hours on end, once you step outside you’ll begin to recognize the fine details of life and the outside world. Even the most minute details of the world can be seen and analyzed by an artist.


So there you have it, now before you flip on the television, grab a brush and canvas or even just a pencil and paper so you can get to bettering your mind for the New Year to come. Also, remember to spread the word and let your loved ones experience art alongside with you by sharing what you’ve learned today.

Tune in for part two, soon to come shortly due to all of the health benefits that painting tends to reap! Thank you and have a great and colorful 2017!


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  • Michele Manjarrez