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Back to School with Lets Gogh Art

Back to School with Lets Gogh Art

The ‘Back to School’ Season can be both stressful and exciting, but sometimes we forget that learning can come in many forms including painting and drawing! Not only can painting be a great learning tool, it can also help prepare a young mind for the transition of Summer to school by stimulating some of those learning muscles. One of the best parts about painting with Let’s Gogh Art is that there is no experience necessary, and we love painting with children! So, to get you started thinking about your back-to-school party, we’ve compiled a short list of where you can paint along with some staff-picked paintings for you and your children to paint.

Where to Paint:

At Home

Yes! You can totally paint in your own home. And yes, we do all of the set-up and cleaning, leaving the fun to you and your guests. We recommend setting up in a living room or a similar open space. We provide tables and stools, and if you have carpet, we even carry a painter’s plastic cover for the floor.


If you’re a teacher or activities coach and would like a fun, simple way to let the children relax and focus and something fun, this is perfect for you.

Recreation Center-

Let’s Gogh Art is a favorite for recreation centers and vice versa. We love the space, vibe, and spirit of recreation centers, and they are perfect for painting activities for children.

What to Paint:

Pumpkin in Vines

Nothing say fall like a big ol’ viney pumpkin.

Through the Trees

This is perfect for children who like to make things their own. With this painting, the possibilities are endless with the unlimited combinations of tree shapes and leaf colors, go nuts!

Whimsy Fall Tree

Whimsy tree is a favorite for it’s simplicity and beauty. The beautiful, colorful background is tons of fun to add your own style to, then all you add are the tree and fence silhouettes

Fantastic Feathers

Kids love birds and if you asked me why I couldn’t tell you. Maybe it’s the mystery of flight that astounds them, or their bright, unique feathers. In any case, Fantastic feathers is a great painting for kids to go crazy with and use the totality of their imagination for.


Children have an imagination that is endless, much like that of space. It’s very interesting to see a child’s interpretation of space from the view of a night sky.

Tiles & Mini Canvas

If you’d really like to be different, Let’s Gogh Art offers tile painting and mini canvas painting.

To view all painting options click here. Or, click here to learn how you can host your very own Let’s Gogh Art paint party.

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