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How the Terrapin Brewery Uses Art to Visualize the Flavors of their Beer.

How the Terrapin Brewery Uses Art to Visualize the Flavors of their Beer.

This Wednesday at GB Bottle Shop, we will be hosting a night of painting, drinking, and laughing. In conjunction with the Terrapin Brewery, we will be painting a version of one of their beverage labels. So, in spirit of spirits, we will breakdown and analyze the beautiful artwork that Terrapin Brewery uses to display their tasty brews!

Many brewing companies are known to use visual arts on the labels of their beverages, often to attract new customers, list ingredients, or simply display their name & logo. Although television advertisements are the main medium used to advertise the “Big Boys” in the beer industry; smaller, more personal craft brew companies like Terrapin Brewing has decided not to persuade people to enjoy their beverage with commercials, but instead with quality. For terrapin, their quality goes all around. From sight to sip, they look as beautiful as they taste. But this article isn’t about how good their beer is, but rather the effort that goes in to making their product, then using clear, recognizable art that lets you taste the beer with your eyes.


1.Cumulus Lupulus

Cumulus Lupulus is a beer made with 4 pounds of hops per barrel. What does that mean? I have no idea, but that is the difference maker in this one that gives it a very aromatic, fluffy, and tropical taste. They reccomend pairing this beer with salty foods, or a sharp cheese to compliment it's sweetness.


 2. Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout

Moo Hoo is exaclty what you think it is thanks to the name and artwork given to it. Chocolate milk! Yes, a very dark, creamy chocolate is the taste of this brew. This is a stout so it has a very dark color, almost black, and can be used as a base in rich stews, and also as a nice beverage when eating a braised chicken. The turtle went out of his way to dress up like a cow just so you can have chocolate beer... It must be good!


3. T-Time Berliner Weisse

The golf course setting couldn't be more prefect to portray the thirst that this brew quenches. On a hot day, there are two things that you satisfy your thirst unlike anything else (besides water): Lemon tea and beer. Well, they infused two of the best thirst quenchers into one megalodon of freshness and flavor. 


4. So Fresh & So Green, Green

The label doesn't lie one bit. When they fresh, they mean fresh. The greens used in this beer are actually overnighted from Yakima valley, and added to the brew the same day of arrival, not wasting a second of greeny freshness. I imagine the truck in the label is headed down to Georgia to deliver this special ingredient. Not to mention the lovely wordplay, Outkast would be proud.


5. Hi-5 IPA California Style India Pale Ale

Maybe it's because the wave in the art, but I do imagine sipping this one after a long, salty day at the beach, drinking it with fresh fish or a veggie-filled taco (as recommended). This is a very "California" flavored beer, meaning it goes great with Spanish-influenced foods, and aromatic herbs and spices. A blend of orange and other citrus, balanced off with rich caramel. You can taste it.

 Well, there you have it. All of these unique brews, with artwork that matches the preciseness of flavors, and reflects the effort that goes in to making this craft beer very, very special. Don't forget to meet us this Wednesday at GB Bottle Shop to paint a beautiful painting, and to get a chance to sip these marvelous brews. Also, don't forget to tell your friends, the more the merrier! Click here to purchase admission into this lovely evening ahead. Thank you!

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  • Michele Manjarrez