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Picture Perfect Paint Party

Picture Perfect Paint Party

Parents have the task to plan their children's birthday parties and after a while it can be challenging. L Recently, we had the most creative parents run with a fun party idea that is new, fun, and easy!  

Children love to create art, and they light up when they know they get to paint! We had two mother's take a paint party and personalize it in a practical way. Design the party around the cake! Yes, its all about the cake! One mother had her birthday girl choose her very own cake. She was thrilled to order the exact flavor, colors, and designs on her birthday cake. After the perfect cake was decided with butterflies and trimmed with colorful flowers, the painting came next. The picture of the cake was the inspiration for the custom painting for Let's Gogh Art to create for the birthday party! Its that easy! 

Decorating became easier, the birthday party activity was set in place with Let's Gogh Art leading a step-by-step painting session for the kids and the pictures of the party was priceless!  It was magical! 

Another approach was to have Let's Gogh Art create the painting, and create the cake based on that exact painting. How cool is that? Give LGA the images, photographs or details of the painting you would like to paint at the birthday party, then take a picture of it to your local bakery, (they use Publix) and have the cake made exactly like the custom painting. 

Let's Gogh Art can create any painting for any occasion at no charge to you. Book your paint party, have it conveniently in your home or clubhouse, and have LGA custom create your party theme painting the way you want it. We would like to make your celebration extra special. 

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  • Michele Manjarrez