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We are Orlando United

We are Orlando United

Let's Gogh Art Central Florida will never forget how June 12th brought both pain and hope to this city.  The love that everyone shared from that devastating night at Pulse night club has brought a community closer and tighter than ever.  Our condolences go to the victims' families and friends. Clean the World, an Orlando based nonprofit, felt the need to turn their fundraiser event in the direction of helping those that were affected firsthand by this tragedy, the Pulse night club employees. We created this colorful painting of Lake Eola, the heart of Orlando, for a painting event for those employees. Stardust Lounge has opened their hearts and offered their space for this paint event, which proceeds will go to help their brothers and sisters in the industry, from Pulse. Orlando's Apple Spice Junction caters delicious  tasty meals  and has graciously offered to donate food, from their local restaurant and catering service. We are Orlando community and we help our own! Please register online at and join us on Tuesday, July 19th at Stardust Lounge, from 6-8pm, to paint your very own "Orlando United" painting to help Pulse employees that have lost their jobs.  We hope for a full house of painters!


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  • Michele Manjarrez