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What to Paint this Spring Season?

What to Paint this Spring Season?

Spring is here and is looking as beautiful as ever! So, now it's time to enjoy the season of fresh flowers and mid-70 degree weather by getting together with your closest friends and having a great time. Believe me, nothing is better than painting with friends and having something to remember the night by. With so many beautiful paintings in our gallery to choose from, how do you begin to select one that everyone will love? Well, we put together a small list of some Spring favorites you and your friends will have a blast painting. Enjoy!


#1 Happy Flower

sunflower spring painting

Sunflowers are the epitome of the Spring season, so for this painting we did a close up of a beautiful sunflower. The benefit of the close up of sunflower, is that you can place all those little details that has the ability to enchant any nature-lover. The sunflower also represents the bloom of the new season, the time of refreshening and cleansing. While your busy with your spring-cleaning, this will painting will be a nice addition to a freshly cleaned room or living space. 


#2 Mason Jar Blossoms

mason jar painting

Mason jar blossoms is an all time favorite simply because everyone love a pretty mason jar, add to it some colorful flowers and it becomes irresistable to paint. The beauty of this one is that you are able to take your own personal touches to it, for example: labeling the jar with a monogram, or using your own colors for the flowers. The possibilities are endless. If you want to paint an actual mason jar, we do that too!


#3 Blue Butterfly

butterfly painting

Butterflies can be just as symbolic of Spring as sunflowers, and are suprisingly easy to paint. This painting is the side profile of the butterfly, showing that it is indeed flying, perhaps from a cocoon? With a background of some viney, bright flowers this painting is definitely one that you cannot allow yourself to miss out on. 


#4 Reece's Red Bird

spring bird sunset painting

I personally love this one in any season of the year. It seems almost as though the field stretches as far as the eyes can see over the hilly plains. This is a very engrossing painting to say the least, if you look hard enough into this dreamy painting, you can hear the rustle of the cherry blossom in the wind and feel the sunshine peaking over the horizon on your face. The bird on the fence post must be delighted.


#5 Mountain View 

mountain view painting

Most people see this as a winter painting due to the frosty tip mountains, however in the foreground you can see full-green grass with some blossoms over head. I like to think of this painting as the spring that Alaska sees, with fresh greenery peaking thru melting snow all around. I can only imagine (and paint) the beauty. 

This spring season, don't forget to paint a painting that will forever remind you of the freshness and beautiful smells of spring. These are only a few of our Spring favorites, to see all of our paintings, head over to the gallery to choose a painting that's perfect for you and your loved ones to indulge in over a nice night of comradery and memories to last. Click here for more information on booking a party with Let's Gogh Art, we can't wait to see you this Spring season!

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  • Michele Manjarrez