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Can I do this? I've never painted before and I'm not artistic!

Absolutely! Our artist will guide you step-by-step through the featured painting and will ensure that you stay on track to completing your painting by the end of class/instruction.  Painting instruction is 60-90mins, depending on class size. There are no mistakes in art, but Acrylic paint dries quickly, making mistakes easy to fix.

Can I change the date and time of our party after booking? 

Absolutely, you can change the date and time of party in as little as 7 days notice based on availability. Please call 407.373.4375 or email us at as soon as you can with any changes.

What should I wear?

What ever is comfortable and you don't mind if a little paint gets on it. We will provide an apron for you to wear. Our paint is acrylic and will not stain your skin, hair or nails, but it will not come out of fabric if it dries, and it dries quickly!

Will my painting be dry by the end of the night?

Yes, if there are a few damp places we have hair dryers that will dry them quickly.

How does this work?

View our online calendar under the type of party you would like to book and choose a painting in our Portfolio Gallery.  Register online with your party details (number of guest, place, time, painting choice, etc...)  After your party is booked and confirmed by Let's Gogh Art, on the day of your party, LGA will arrive 30 minutes before the painting instruction starts to set up.  Its up to you if you want to provide your favorite sips and snacks for your guests. After the painting instruction is finished we clean up the paint mess and everyone has their very own ready to hang masterpiece.

What food and beverages are recommended?

Its up to you if you want to provide snacks before, during or after the painting instructions begins. However, we recommend easy finger foods during the instruction so it doesn't distract or take away for the painting experience. Any beverage is allowed, and is at the discretion of the party host, house owner, venue, etc... If alcohol is consumed, please make sure all guests are following state laws and drinking responsibly. 

What does the fee cover?

The canvas, brushes, paint, easel, aprons, paint area set-up/clean-up and the talented instructor! 

Do I have to paint the featured painting?

No, you are welcome to explore your creativity and paint anything you like, however, the artist and staff will be instructing the featured painting and will not have time to offer individual instruction. 

Should I tip the Instructor/Assistant? 

Tips are not expected, but if you have had an exceptional time, you are welcome to tip the Artist and Assistant. They will be thrilled.

What is the age limit? Can my 5yr old paint with us?

Its up to the party host and planner discretion, as well as if it is a children's party. There are paintings and art projects that are age appropriate for 5yr olds to make their experience as well as the experience of the rest of the guest successful. The attention span of a 5yr old is much different than lets say from a 15yr old. It is recommended that the age limit for adult themed parties be 18yrs or older. 

Do you offer any other types of art projects or lessons?

We are currently offering canvas painting parties and will be offering more types of art projects/lessons very soon, such as drawing, painting on different surfaces (wine glasses, shoes, wood, etc...) and private art lessons by degreed and experienced artists.  We are open to suggestions too! 

How can I unenroll from a party? 

Please contact to unenroll from a class.



Do you offer refunds?
You are entitled to a refund, less a $50.00 cancellation fee 48 hours prior to the event. No refunds or credits will be given after that point.


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