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Meet the Team

Meet the Team!


I am an avid art enthusiast who wants to share the exciting creative process, and expose the accomplished feeling, art can give anyone who tries it. As a single mother, I earned a bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art, concentration in painting, with a minor in Education K-12, from Sam Houston State University. Immediately following earning my degree, I taught at a Fine Arts driven school district in the Houston area at two high schools, and an elementary school. Along with teaching Art, Advanced Placement Art History, and Advanced Painting, I was the sponsor of many extracurricular activities/clubs such as Art Society and Student Council at the high school level. Also, I've been in the "Paint-n-Sip" industry for the past 5 years and when I heard of the concept of painting parties, I thought,"this is genius and I want in!". I love my job! Teaching art is fun, inspiring and a wonderful social activity for all ages. 


I love art. Specifically, I love the art of illustration, comic books, and video game/movie concept art. I have a background in fine arts painting, the fundamentals of which  are present in all of my work. I make art every day, and will do so until my hands physically can't work anymore. I aspire  to be a comic book artist/cover  illustrator, but enjoy creating narrative imagery—like comic books, or illustrated kids' books. The best stories are the ones that lend themselves to outlandish perspective drawing and unique character design. Mostly, I really enjoy teaching others how to paint ad draw, so they can appreciate the joy of creating something new and colorful as much as I do!


Venezuelan, chocolate lover, yogi, dog person, artist and a big believer in destiny and the power of the universe. I came to the USA three years ago to pursue a different future, begin a new life, make new friends and grow. I graduated from Full Sail University in Entertainment Business, and prior that I studied Media Communications in my country. I have been painting since I was a little kid. My parents always encouraged me to express myself through art. I love the concept of Let’s Gogh Art and I am happy to be part of the family. I want to inspire others to connect with their creative and colorful side.


Hi, I'm Michele! I was born and raised here in Orlando, FL where art has always been a major incorporation in my life. I have always drawn, sketched, painted etc. since I had sketchbooks and art utensils of my own. Growing up I've always been inspired by the talented ones around me, which have taught me new forms of art everyday. I took art classes throughout high school all the way up until I graduated. Now, in college I am majoring in the liberal arts and I wouldn't want it any other way. I love getting the chance to assist/watch art so diverse come alive! I enjoy teaching others and seeing the joy that comes with the outcome of their work!